Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Apologies and an explanation for my long “absence”

My page wasn't updated for more than 24 hours. My sincere apologies and an explanation for this. As all of those that have followed this blog and the previous one (“Blogging from Praia da Luz”) know, I spent a week reporting and blogging about Madeleine McCann abduction, from Praia da Luz. I left Algarve in Wednesday, May 23 and arrived at Lisbon on Friday, May 25 – two days for a journey that took me 3,5 hours, when I went to Praia da Luz. A small accident (lost my helmet's wind shield) a mechanical problem with my moto, fog and rain where the reasons for this delay.

The night of Friday, May 25, I had to rush to Hospital with my mother and my sister, both with a serious food poisoning. I left the Hospital at 3.30 am. On Saturday, I rested and did some updating, posting a few pictures at the Portfolio of Gazeta Digital. On Sunday, May 27, before lunch time, a pit bull mauled seriously the small dog (a pequinois) of my 85 years old father, as he was doing his usual mid-morning walking through the streets of Alcochete, a village on the south bank of Tejo, 20 km from Lisbon, where we live.

It happened just in front of my house and I had to rush to a veterinary clinic, more worried with my father's health condition that with “Saicó” (his pet name). The dog is still alive but has the rear legs paralysed. My parents are in a state of shock and I had to assist and help them, for the last two days, as my sister was still in bed, sick. Now that she's better and can share with me the responsibility of taking care of our parents, I'll try to do my work and update my page, starting with the latest news from Portuguese Press, about Madeleine's case.

Paulo Reis

Ps – I spent a couple of hours, last night, to set up a blog (“Tolerância Zero Para Cães Assassinos” - “Zero Tolerance For Killer Dogs”). I'm starting a campaign to petition Portuguese Parliament to introduce legislation similar to the UK Dangerous Dogs Act from 1991. This blog is only in Portuguese, but the pictures I took with my mobile phone will tell you what happened, in a so clear way as if it was written in English.