Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A quick update....

I have been absent from this blog and from my main page, Gazeta Digital. But there is a strong reason for this “failure”: Since May 27, Sunday, when the small pekinois of my 85 years old father was mauled, in the street, by a large Pit Bull, my life has been quite complicated. I had to rush to hospital, with my father, twice.
Yesterday, my parents brought back home their little dog. When my father saw the dog, with his rear legs paralysed, trying to walk to his preferred resting place (near the sofa, in the living room where my father always sits, watching TV and reading newspapers) he just broke down, completely. I was at his side, as I knew something like that will happen. I had to carry him to bed and, later, to a doctor, again, because his blood pressure was 19 (and he has a ischemic heart disease and a half-obstructed carotid artery...).
Now, there is hope for some good news: we took “Saicó” (meaning “small”, in Cantonese) to a specialized veterinarian and he told us he doesn't see, on the X-rays, injuries in the spine. So, the dog is still there, for a “mielografia” (Computerized Axial Tomography or CT Scan) to see if the paralysed rear legs are due to some other kind of injury – and, in this case, there will be hope that “saicó” may walk again.

You can see a picture of “Saicó” at the following address (But, please, BE CAREFUL!!! There is also A PICTURE OF THE DOG AT THE VETERINARIAN OPERATION TABLE, AND THAT PICTURE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE PERSONS!!):

I'm checking the large quantity of emails I have, and than I'll try to work a little bit, if news about the dog are good. If not, I'll need to be at my father's side. I hope all of you understand this situation.