Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Story published by “El Mundo”, about Mr. Antonio Toscano investigations (Brief, in English - III)

When he (Antonio Toscano) got the information, the (Spanish) investigative journalist contacted Madeleine's parents and offered his services to help find Madeleine. Clarence Mitchell, spokeswoman of McCann family, accepted a meeting, with a condition: the Spanish journalist should work with Portuguese Police, since Madeleine's parents always insisted that any information about where Madeleine could be, had to go through Police, before (reaching them).

But, after a few days (following this contact with Clarence Mitchell) nobody close to McCann family contacted Antonio Toscano. “If you want to help the family and you have a name, you must contact Polícia Judiciária and give them that name”, said Clarence Mitchell to Toscano, who “considers that cooperation with the (McCann) family is crucial, because they are the key to solve this puzzle”. The Spanish journalist explained (to Virginia Lopez, journalist of “El Mundo”): “If they (that McCann family) were followed, it's necessary to know their movements to try to get the person responsible for the crime”, said Mr Antonio Toscano.

Polícia Judiciária (Portuguese CID) said repeatedly that any information will be received and analysed, and they were willing to have a meeting with Toscano, if he could came to Algarve. “We can´t organize the trip, either the family does it or we can´t do nothing” (*). As McCann family didn't agree to that, Portuguese Police asked Spanish Police to get Toscano and collect the informations he had.

According to Toscano, “Madeleine could have been kidnapped by request from a paedophile, who could have paied for her abduction an amount of money superior to the reward offered for a reliable clue about her location, reward that is over four million Euro.