Sunday, 23 September 2007

British Police liaison officer surprised with the story of a 'hidden kidnapper'

“Never heard the McCann talk about it with my Portuguese colleagues”

Gerry McCann “has told friends” he “may have disturbed Maddie's abductor in holiday flat”, when he went there to check the children, around 9.10 pm. “Madeleine McCann's father believes he may have come within a few yards of his daughter's abductor when he saw her for the last time, a friend of the cardiologist said last night”, according to The Scotsman. Many other British newspapers followed the same line, usually referring friends of Gerry McCann as source, like the Sunday Express: “Gerry McCann has told friends he thinks Madeleine's kidnapper was already hiding in their rented villa when he looked-in on Madeleine and his two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

ThisIsLondon, a publication from the Evening Standard group, has a similar description of events: “Gerry McCann is convinced his daughter's abductor hid in their apartment as he checked on his children, it has been revealed today. Mr McCann has told friends he believes the kidnapper was already there when he looked in on Madeleine and their two-year-old twins.” The Telegraph wrote that Gerry McCann is now “haunted” by the idea that he has been so close to the abductor: “Agonisingly, he is now sure that standing behind this door was his four-year-old daughter's abductor, waiting to steal her from her bed in the Praia da Luz.”

But a British Police officer that is part of the liaison team based in Algarve, who works closelly with Portuguese detectives in charge of Madeleine McCan's disappearance, told us: “I never heard the McCann talking about it with my Portuguese colleagues”. Other police source was also “surprised” with this new revelation, as Gerry McCann never mentioned nothing about the possibility of a kidnapper hidden in the apartment, when he checked his three children, on the night of May 3: “Gerry McCann never told Police that he suspected there was a kidnapper hidden at his room, or in the other room.”

Another police source was puzzled with the fact that “only after four months Gerry McCann decided to speak about this, and used the British newspapers to do that: “Mr. Gerry McCann talked with Police detectives for so many hours, as a witness and as a formal suspect, and never mentioned a word about the possibility of a hidden kidnapper in the apartment.”

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