Thursday, 6 September 2007

Final report not yet sent to Portugal

Portuguese TV crew creates panic in Birmingham

The final report of the analysis being made at Forensic Science Service (FSS), the British Police laboratory in Birmingham, wasn't yet sent to Portugal. Only some partial results were sent and Portuguese CID received it today, September 5. The British Police laboratory has been sending some partial results to the Portuguese authorities since the second week of August, as The Times referred, in August 16
Meanwhile, a Portuguese TV crew that was recording in front of FSS building, in Birmingham, was threatened and Police was called, by the private security of FSS. Tiago Contreiras, from RTP, was warned first, by a security element that ”he should leave the place, immediately, for security reasons, as that area was off-limits for journalists”. When the journalist questioned that order, somebody who introduced herself as the laboratory director, talking in a ”very aggressive way”, as Tiago Contreiras told, threatened the journalists, saying that if he didn't moved from that place immediately he would face some unpleasant consequences.

A police car came to the place but the policemen remain inside and took no action. Inside the FSS building, there was total panic. As soon as a foreign TV crew was spotted, internal security gave orders to close all the windows and the building's entry was blocked, with orders to not allow anyone to go out or come inside.

The TV crew has an interview scheduled wit Madeleine’s grandmother but, after this episode, the McCann family Press Office called Tiago Contreiras and cancelled the interview.

Paulo Reis
with Duarte Levy in Birmingham

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