Saturday, 8 September 2007


Brian Healy, the father of Kate McCann, admitted she “may have used Calpol” to help Madeleine to sleep, but said it was “just outrageous to think of anything else." Gerry and Kate strongly denied, on August 16, using any kind of drugs on their children to stop them waking up at night. Calpol is a common painkiller that is used, in UK, to to calm them down or help children to sleep. Twelve million bottles and packets of Calpol are sold every year, in UK.


I use Calpol as a nightcap," says one mother. "Like adults might have a brandy, if I give my 10-month-old daughter warm milk with a Calpol chaser, she goes down so much better for the night." Another advised me to administer a precautionary dose of Nurofen for Children when babysitting her one-year-old overnight (...) In playgrounds, clinics and chatrooms, parents swap tips on which over-the-counter medication lasts longer (Nurofen's eight hours versus Calpol's six), which makes children drowsiest and different ways of getting it down – or even up, in the case of suppositories (...)