Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Morocco Police and Madeleine' sightings: Witnesses reports had no consistency

“We worked in close cooperation with the Portuguese police, either directly or through Interpol. We investigated several reports of witnesses and even ransom requests that Portuguese police sent us. There is no evidence that the child has came to Morocco”, a source from the office of the head of national police, in Morocco, told us.

Mari Olli, the “Norwegian tourist” that saw Madeleine in Morocco, is married with Ray Pollard, who was born and raised in Groby, close to Glenfield Hospital, where Gerry McCann has been working since 2000. The McCann couple moved from Glasgow to the city of Leicester in that same year and bought a house at Rothley, close to Groby, 1½ years ago.

Moroccan police said also that Mari Olli made a mistake, when she identified the gas station where she and her husband stopped, on their way to catch the ferry to Spain, as being close to the train station. This was the the first information relayed to Portuguese Police. When Portuguese Police contacted the Moroccan Police, they were informed that it wasn't possible, because the shop from that gas station was out of service.

After several contacts between Portuguese Police and Mrs Mari Olli, it was explained that the gas station she referred was near the Hotel Ibis Palmeraie, not the Hotel Ibis Moussafir, both in Marrakesh. Moroccan Police checked the CCTV cameras from the shop at the gas station near Ibis Plameraie, did the same with the CCTV cameras from both hotels and seized the videos.

In the video from the shop at the gas station, according to the same source from Moroccan Police, Mrs Mari Pollard is seen coming inside the shop and buying water and other small items. But there is no child at all, in the images taken inside the shop. Also, in the videos from CCTV cameras at both hotels there is no child that looks like Madeleine.

Further questioning to the employees of both gas stations and hotels produced “no evidence at all”, according to the Moroccan Police, about the presence of a four-years-old blonde girl. “ We investigated in detail every report and information, including the ransom notes, we checked CCTV cameras from Tanger's port and Marrakesh airport, we questioned passengers and workers and there was nothing that could give consistence to the possibility that Madeleine has been in Morocco”, said the source form local police.

Several reports from British Press and quote Mari Olli as saying that “the girl was wearing pale blue pyjamas”- but Madeleine was dressed with pink pyjamas the night she disappeared, just like the ones that Gerry and Kate show in the picture above. In the email that she sent to British Police – and, later, she forwarded a copy to Portuguese journalists – she refers also to “clear blue pyjamas”, with “some pattern on the top, trousers little darker.” But other newspapers mention that she said the girl was using pink pyjamas. Others, don't have any reference to the colour of the pyjamas.

She told the Media she saw the blonde girl around 10.00 am, on Wednesday, May 9. As she was on holidays in a place without TV, she knew nothing about Madeleine's disappearance. Only after she was back in Spain she knew about what happened in Praia da Luz. (to be continued)

Duarte Levy (Huelva) & Paulo Reis (Algarve)