Monday, 24 September 2007

Police is checking Kate and Gerry' trips to Spain (follow-up)

McCann couple “disappeared” for two hours

A source from “Comisaría General de la Policia Judicial” (Spanish CID) confirmed today that investigations related with the disappearance of Madeleine took place in the Spanish province of Andaluzia, more exactly at Huelva. After an informal meeting between inspectors from criminal departments of both police forces, the investigation and searches were concentrated on the itineraries the McCann have chosen, when they drive to the city of Huelva, Spain, on August 3, and on several persons who have direct connections with the couple (to be continued)

The fact that there is period of two hours, during which Spanish Police wasn't able to find traces of the McCann couple and the hired car, aroused some suspicion with the PJ, reinforced with the presence of the Renault Scenic in some specific places, without justification. The McCann hired car appears in several videos, seized by Spanish Police.

The day the McCann choose to go to Huelva, to campaign for Madeleine – with leaflets only in Portuguese – is also considered “strange” by Portuguese Police. Huelva has a unique holiday on August 3 and the all people concentrates in downtown, in what it's called “Feria Colombina” celebrating the departure of Colombo to discover America. Shopping malls and most commercial activities close, including churches and the cathedral, where the McCann wanted to go to pray, as they told to the Press.

To campaign and distribute leaflets, with the pictures of Madeleine, in Huelva, seem to be useless: for all over the city, the Municipal Council had posted giant pictures of the missing child. The McCann went to Huelva without the usual media “circus”. The day before, Gerry McCann had a “stomach bug” and cancelled several activities for the campaign to find Madeleine.

And the Media attention was concentrated at the most recent sighting of Madeleine, in Tongres, Belgium, the day before August 3, when Gerry and Kate went to Huelva. A woman, a child therapist, told police she was sure she saw Madeleine McCann at a restaurant near the border with Holland. Belgium police found the couple that was with the child and confirmed it wasn't Madeleine, the child that disappeared from the Ocean Cub resort, at Praia da Luz, on May 3. (to be continued)

Duarte Levy (Espanha) and Paulo Reis (Algarve)

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