Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Times: Sources in Britain agree that “there is 'significant' scientific evidence linking Mr and Mrs McCann to their daughter’s death.”

According to The Times, on a long “Questions & Answers” article, on its edition of September 18, “it appears the Forensic Science Service believes it has discovered compelling new evidence, possibly from more than one source” that seems to confirm not only that Madeleine McCann is dead, but also that there is “significant' scientific evidence linking Mr and Mrs McCann to their daughter’s death” - a fact that the newspaper say is confirmed by “sources in Britain who are assisting the Portuguese investigation.”

The Times also refers that “because the samples have degraded over time the scientists can never be 100 per cent certain that they came from Madeleine.” Information about the scientific evidence has been revealed by “some officers” that “have been secretly briefing Portuguese journalists”, wrote The Times.

Portuguese senior Police officers “now believe they have sufficient evidence to charge Kate and Gerry McCann for concealing a body and probably to convict Mrs McCann with accidentally killing her daughter”, says The Times. But the same officer, ”privately admitted earlier this week that they still could not prove that Madeleine was intentionally killed.”

One of the subjects raised with Gerry and Kate McCann, when they were questioned by Polícia Judiciária, in Portimão, was the fact that Eddie, the Leicestershire Police sniffer dog specially trained to detect the smell of a corpse, went “crazy” when he was near the car hired by the McCann, according to The Times.

“Mrs McCann is reported to have explained that in her work as locum GP she came into contact with six corpses in the weeks leading up to Algarve holiday.” This “seems a high number for a locum GP working just a couple of days a week”, refers The Times, “but would be easy to check against surgery records.”

“The crucial difficulty with the sniffer dog “evidence” is that it cannot distinguish between corpses. This type of dog is trained to find bodies, not identify where dead bodies have been” The Times wrote. And more important, those dogs, says The Times, “can become excited by other scents.” Eddie “is alleged to have become excited when shown Madeleine’s favourite soft pink toy, called Cuddle Cat.”

Reports about the twins sleeping in the middle of all the noise and confusion that followed Kate's discovery of Madeleine's disappearance were also analysed by The Times, in the “Q & A” article: “Sean and Amelie were heavy sleepers who were not disturbed by their sister’s abduction, claim their parents. However, they also slept through their mother’s hysterical response to Madeleine’s disappearance and the presence of dozens of people who joined the search before being carried out by a female police officer. Kate and Gerry McCann have strenuously denied sedating their daughter”, is the conclusion of the question “Why did Madeleine’s sister and brother sleep through her 'abduction?”

Duarte Levy (Rothley) and Paulo Reis (Huelva)