Thursday, 18 October 2007

British "experts": Child abusers in Portugal are "often left free"

According to a group of former British policemen and experts, quoted by “ThisIsLondon”, in Portugal “when children are found to have been abused, the victim is taken into care, while the abuser is often left free.” The group of “experts”, lead by Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, found also that “Portugal has many more paedophiles than it cares to admit.” Unfortunately, the group of “experts” didn't produced any evidence to support this conclusion.

The same group of “experts” also found that Portugal has “an odd attitude towards under age sex. Under Portuguese law, the age of consent (between couples of the same age) is 13.” Strange, as the law in Portugal defines 14 years as the age for sexual relations, with mutual consent, if both partners are under 18. But if one of the partners is over 18 years old, that is considered a crime. Odd, also is the fact the minimum age for sexual relations with mutual consent, in Spain, is 13 years. I wonder if these group of “experts” knows that Portugal and Spain are two different (and sovereign) countries.

And age of consent in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy is also 14 years...