Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Clarence Mitchell's conference at Coventry University

“Madeleine McCann, The Perfect PR Campaign”

The former head of Media Monitoring Unit, Clarence Mitchell, “breaks his silence for the first time in a Coventry Conversation at Coventry University”, tomorrow, October 18th. According to the organizer of the conference, John Mair, “Clarence did a splendid job of getting the 'Missing Madeleine 'message to millions”.

Clarence Mitchell “was central to the McCann’s liaison with the world’s print and broadcast press and also organised, via the respective British Embassies, the McCann’s campaign visits to the Vatican, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rabat”, as the Press release from Coventry University refers.

Tomorrow, the spokesman of McCann family will explain how he managed to do that, after “having been seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to act as a media liaison officer for Gerry and Kate McCann”. At that time, Clarence Mitchell was still the head of Media Monitoring Unit, a department from the Government News Network, which is part of the “Central Office of Information” (COI). The COI Chief Executive reports to the Minister for the Cabinet Office.