Thursday, 18 October 2007

Has Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson commited a crime?

“In the UK, the results of an independent investigation carried out by five criminal investigators who travelled to Portugal will be shown on Channel 4's”, wrote the Telegraph, on October 17. Nothing new, here. We had several former policemen - Dai Davies, Marrk-Williams Thomas, John O'Connor, among others - trashing completely Portuguese police. By coincidence, almost all of them work also for consultancy and Media companies.

Now, Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson and his team had full access to Portuguese Police files, according to the Telegraph. This is a crime. Only Policia Judiciária detectives directly connected to the investigation, the magistrate from the Public Prosecutor's Office and the judge from the Criminal Court can have access to those files. Nobody else can have access to Police files, in a case that is under investigation. Not even the lawyers of the formal suspects.

This a very good detail to give credibility to a new session of the preferred hobby of many former British Policemen: insulting their Portuguese colleagues, in order to present them as a bunch of drunken and incompetent policemen (and helping to give consistency to the idea that the McCann were framed by Portuguese Police...)

The only problem is that a crime has been committed. By Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, his team and the people who allowed them access to those files. As those files are in the hands of Polícia Judiciária and the magistrate from Public Prosecutor's Office, I am sure that, tomorrow, the head of Portuguese Public Prosecutor's Office will open a crime investigation, to find and prosecute those who committed the crime.

Of course, nothing of this will happen. A fairy tale is not exactly a reason for the head of Portuguese Public Prosecutor's Office wasting his time.