Monday, 8 October 2007

Leicestershire police: Portuguese police are "a bunch off incompetents"

"Portuguese cops were told to sort it out," a police source told the Sunday Mirror, as the “shambolic investigation lay in tatters”, according to Grant Hodgson, the journalist that “last week exposed the long, boozy lunch breaks taken by Gonçalo Amaral”. "It's not good enough when the man who was supposed to be running the world's biggest police inquiry was taking huge lunch breaks," wrote the newspaper, quoting a non-identified police source.

“Leicestershire Police - the McCanns' local force - the Home Office and Foreign Office were all believed to have been involved in the talks. The Sunday Mirror can also reveal how DNA evidence collected by officers in Praia da Luz is being considered "fatally flawed" and "useless", says the Mirror.

A Leicestershire police source said: 'There is a huge sense of embarrassment about the whole thing. Questions are now being asked along the lines of, 'Why have we been supporting such a bunch off incompetents?', is the question being asked by Leicestershire Police, according to Grant Hodgson and the Mirror.