Sunday, 21 October 2007

Lord John Stevens, another former police chief joining the circus

Lord John Stevens, former Metropolitan Police chief, believes in the innocence of the McCann. On a opinion column in “News of the World”, he claims he has always based his conclusions on “hard evidence”, during his 30 years as a police detective. Then, he says he is making his judgement about the McCann based in what he read on newspapers: “Again, I don't say this from believing in the McCanns' innocence or their guilt. I simply don't know either way. But from the evidence I have read I don't think they did it. Unless the Portuguese police have something else, it doesn't make sense. The couple don't fit the profile and their opportunity was limited.”

Lord Stevens doesn't even know what evidence Portuguese police has. Anyway, he is so sure they are innocent that he doesn't feel the need of the same “hard evidence” he claims he always needed, in his police career.

Lord John Stevens wrote that “the possible murder scene was treated as a glorified meeting-room to organise a search for a missing child, instead of the potential treasure trove of clues it actually was. To any experienced British detective, it is incomprehensible.” He forgets to mention that Kate McCann realised Madeleine has vanished around 10.00pm but the McCann only called police almost 50 minutes after that. Why does Lord Stevens ignores this detail? Because it allows him to attack Portuguese police?

Lord Stevens wrote that “the police investigation that started so disastrously has turned to farce. Every apparent stream of evidence has been either missed, fatally compromised or is simply ludicrous.” What a pity, Lord Stevens, that a man with a distinguished career like yours accepts a so prominent role in a farce that starts to look like a circus.

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