Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Nazi-inspired site willing to help “bring home Madeleine McCann”

Be “aware of the childish and cruel mentality” of Portuguese people

MadeleineMcCannCoUk”, registered on May 9 through Telivo, “aims to bring people together, gather information and bring home Madeleine McCann.” Pictures of Madeleine, news about the case, posters and messages of support to her parents are some of the topics of this page.

The site has also one of the most despicable, racist and offensive remarks against Portuguese people, classified as a people with a “childish and cruel mentality.” The alleged owner of the site, who describes himself as “Graeme (in his 20s) who lives in England, UK (...) has a Btec Nat Diploma in ICT (...) has worked for a top UK retailer and is now working in England, UK for a top financial company”, under the headline “Something For You To Think About”, sends a message of hate against Portuguese people:

"The following was sent in the form of a message book entry:"

"I also want to let you know of my rather insignificant (compared to yours) experience with the Portuguese police. Whilst on holiday in Portugal myself and my husband who is disabled, decided to visit a certain location. Having walked for a couple of miles in the blistering heat without finding our destination we were relieved to come across a police station at a crossroads. They gave us directions and they sent us on our way.”

“We again walked another couple of miles before giving up and turning back. When we passed the police station on our return there were several officer outside smoking, they pointed at us and all started laughing, they had obviously sent us in the wrong direction on purpose. The rest of the world should be made aware of the childish and cruel mentality of these people."

A question to the owner of this page: What do you suggest as a “solution” for a people that has a so “cruel mentality” like the Portuguese people? Gas chambers, I presume...