Thursday, 18 October 2007

New McCann's persecution theory: Fat Portuguese cop's wifes are to blame

According to Bel Mooney, from the Daily Mail, “Portuguese police suspected” of Kate McCann, since the beginning, because “their wives were telling them she looked too controlled, did not weep enough.” The “cultural difference” between Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, where “young mothers quickly come to look like overblown roses, their child-bearing settling comfortably around their hips” explains why “it's hard not to imagine Portuguese women murmuring to their husbands that this British woman is - yes - much too skinny.”

So, the wifes of Portuguese detectives “would be instinctively prejudiced against Kate for not looking like them, as well as because her self-control was alien to a culture which traditionally hangs its emotions out like washing on lines”, writes Bel Mooney. And a question that makes sense, for the Daily Mail columnist, is if the “Portuguese attitude insidiously affect the views of the wider world, tapping into innate expectation of how mothers are 'supposed' to be...”

This is Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels with a touch of Monty Python...