Sunday, 25 November 2007

Behaving like a British journalist

One thing seems clear, since the beginning: Tapas group are hiding something. And British tabloids, which followed Princess Diana everywhere, seem to keep a very respectful distance to the McCann friends. British journalists are around Robert Murat's girlfriend house the all day. There isn't one British journalist near the houses of David Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Jane Tanner, Charlotte Pennington or Najova Chekaya, that strange fitness instructor that had a different version of events on May 3. I remember previous cases when British tabloids have placed dozens of photographers on the trail of people connected to cases that were a good front page story. In this case, almost two dozen people with a good knowledge about what happened are able to go on with their daily routine, without a single journalist or photographer crossing their way. British journalists have orders not to disturb anyone connected to the McCann family. They know that only news that supports the claim of innocence of the McCann are accepted by editors, following their bosses’ orders. That's why they know a lot of things that people can't see on The Sun or Daily Mail. Because they can't publish it. So, they post at a few chosen message boards and forums - usually, at the Mirror's forums. And they talk with friends and colleagues, and they call other friends and colleagues, to give some tips and some information about the McCann, because they know they can't publish that information in the British Press. For the Media tycoons, the McCann must be innocent. They have to be innocent, whatever the reality is. I wonder why a couple of the richest businessmen in UK need the McCann to be innocent. Who do they want to please?