Saturday, 24 November 2007

Maddie 'bound to be dead'

"Portugal’s most senior lawyer has said that the publicity surrounding the Madeleine McCann investigation will probably have forced the missing girl’s kidnappers to kill her. Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, Portugal’s attorney-general, told the press that the investigation had become the most expensive in Portugal’s history, and that the publicity campaign kick-started by the McCanns in May would make it “natural” for Madeleine’s abductors to kill her."Would an abductor, with all this publicity and with the whole world having Madeleine's photo, still demand a ransom?” he asked. “If it is an abduction, it is natural that the abductor killed her" - by Newsdesk Special
Reader's comments: "I think Mr Monteiro is spot on in his assessment and has the courage to be honest and call a spade a spade.If Madeleine was kidnapped (and we don't know that she was) why would anyone keep her now when the McCann Campaign has made her such a liability? Any initial purpose they may have had for her has been rendered useless by all the publicity. I really question the wisdom of the McCann private detectives in broadcasting to the world that they are hot on the tail of the alleged kidnappers."