Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Madeleine McCann: British Intelligence services know more than Portuguese police

“In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police”, says a letter sent on behalf of Roger Knapman, a British member of European Parliament, to a constituent that raised several questions concerning the case.

The letter said also that “Portuguese police is corrupt”, investigation of Madeleine's disappearance was “amateurish” and “flawed”, and British citizens need to be protected by their Government against a country like Portugal, where the judicial system is “suspect”, most police officers were trained under the fascist regime that ended in 1974 and legal system doesn't includes the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Asked to comment the content of the letter, send on his behalf by his assistant, Piers Merchant, Mr. Roger Kapman told Sky News: "It sounds fair enough. Piers has very carefully investigated this matter and responded on my behalf."