Monday, 19 November 2007

Moita Flores about Francisco Marco, from Metodo 3: “Spanish detective is a crook...”

Moita Flores, former PJ Chief-Inspector and Criminologist, speaking to SIC, a Portuguese TV channel: “As for the Spanish detective, the theory he comes up with is that of a crook, a crook without conditions to be taken seriously. Because he denies the first rule of criminal investigation, which is not to believe in absolute truths and he considers as an absolute truth that the little girl was abducted, he knows who the abductor was, and where she is. Well, this is false. And this is so false one realizes it's a way of making money and not of bringing us the truth.”
(Translation by “joaohonesto”, taken from the Mirror Forum: “Moita Flores: Spanish Detective is a CROOK!!!”)