Saturday, 3 November 2007

Paul Luckman, “Portugal News”: McCann are guilty of leaving the children alone

“I was there (at Ocean Club) at 9.30 am, next day, and everybody was there: regular police, Policia Judiciaria, firemen, Civil Defence, all resources were there and everybody was looking for the child” - this was the description of Praia da Luz, made by Paul Luckman, editor of Portugal News, an English-language newspaper published in Algarve, during a debate in a TV program, “Sociedade Civil”, from RTP.

Paul Luckman said that “the parents are guilty of leaving their children alone” and criticized the fact that the McCann didn't used the baby-sitting service available at Ocean Club: “A baby-sitter costs 12 euros per hour...” About what happened the night Madeleine disappeared, Luckman admitted that an accident could be something “possible”, in theory. The editor of “Portugal News” said that “the McCann and his team should stop criticizing Portugal and the Portuguese police”, and they should apologize, “because it was their fault, all of this problem.”