Friday, 23 November 2007

Working behind the scenes

Manchester Evening, June 8th 2007

“Today, the McCanns were in Amsterdam for the first time since 2004, when they lived in the city for a year. Holding a poster of their daughter at a packed press conference, Mr McCann said: "It is particularly sad for Kate and I to come back for the first time and not to come back with Madeleine who spent a year here with us.”

"It is very emotional, we have fond memories of our year in Amsterdam. We have a lot of good friends here who have been working behind the scenes to help us. We have come to the Netherlands today with a very specific objective.”

"After British and German tourists, the largest group of nationals who make up the tourists in the Algarve are the Dutch. Mr McCann insisted there was a logic behind the trips they have made in the last week.”

"We are not going to go to every country in Europe. We are not selling a book, we are not pop stars, we have come here for a very specific reason. Mrs McCann said: "We are amateurs in this. There are very few people who will have to go through anything as painful as this."