Thursday, 6 December 2007

El Mundo (*) December 3: Phone records incriminate Gerry McCann and Russel O'Brien

Police has new evidence, apart from DNA samples, that give consistency to their main line of inquiry, in Madeleine's case, according to El Mundo's edition from December 3. The recent meeting at Elderby, Leicester, between police and forensic experts from both countries, brought more details that could help PJ to find an answer to the basic question, since August 11: where is Madeleine's body. Videos, pictures and phone records are among the material Portuguese police received from their British counterparts and allowed them to advance further in the investigation.

A phone call between Gerry McCann and Russel O'Brien, on June 10, in Portugal, got a special attention from PJ. Gerry has told Police, before, that both of them where close to Praia da Luz but technical data from the mobile antennas indicated that there was a distance of 25 km between the two callers. Searches in abandoned buildings in the area produced a towel with blood stains and fibres that were found also in the boot of the Renault Scenic rented by the McCann family.

The existence of contacts between Robert Murat and the so called Tapas Group was another conclusion of the meeting. Investigations in UK unveiled solid evidence that Gerry McCann and Robert Murat paths have crossed even before the family from Rothley came to Portugal. Questioned by journalists, in May, Gerry McCann refuse to confirm if he knew Murat.

Police will question again, soon, the McCann's friends and the parents of Madeleine McCann. Other developments - a new set of witnesses asked to be questioned and charges being brought - are expected for the first weeks of next January.
(*) From Duarte Levy, published on El Mundo, December 3