Sunday, 30 December 2007

Link for pictures and a story not confirmed

Rex Features site has a good number of pictures from the McCann family. I couldn't see this picture, signed by Paul Grover. A special thank you to MC, who sent me this link. But today I received several emails and sms about a story from a local radio, concerning a child's body found near Praia da Luz. There was nothing in the news, in Portugal, so I presume it was a false alarm.
I checked the official Find Madeleine site and realized they have a new item, in the Madeleine Store: the “Mobile Phone Background”, an image you can download and put in the screen of your mobile phone. I wonder what will be next. A video-game? Hello, Callum McRae?
I never heard of clues of sightings of Madeleine in Greece, but there is a well organized group searching for Madeleine in that country, since July (Thank you “thedayjusticedied”!). The group is affiliated with the officially supported site Help To Find Madeleine. Curious. How long will it take until there is a shrine, a cult, around Madeleine? By the way, the HTFM is looking for people living in Portugal, to help in the campaign to search for Madeleine. I'm sorry for not volunteering, but I prefer to search for the truth.