Friday, 7 December 2007

McCann threaten to sue author of “The Guilt of the McCann”

“The McCann Guilt”, the third book published in Portugal about Madeleine's disappearance, is “a lie and its contents an utter fabrication”, according to Clarence Mitchell, the couple's spokesman, who accused the author, editor-in-chief of Correio da Manha, the leading newspaper in Portugal, of trying to profit from the suffering of Kate and Gerry, during the Christmas season: “If people are seeking to capitalise on their suffering in the run up to Christmas then that is a matter for them and their conscience."

Clarence Mitchell told British Media that McCann lawyers were now examining carefully the content of the book. In the book, Manuel Catarino wrote that Madeleine's case is a story that begins in London, where “the official truth was conspired and established: an English girl was kidnapped in the Algarve.” The Sun classified the book as “another sensational attack from the Portuguese media.”