Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Case against the McCann to go to UK Courts

The last results coming from two laboratories – FSS, in Birmingham and a Portuguese laboratory – confirmed that samples found at the McCann hired car and at their apartment at Ocean Club are from Madeleine McCann’s blood, according to Correio da Manhã (CM). The results “left no doubts” among detectives and “even if the questioning of the friends of couple doesn’t produce new evidence, the investigation will produce charges” against Madeleine’s parents, writes CM.

Gerry is the father

The possibility of a contamination of the samples, with genetic material from the twins, was dismissed, in this last round of analysis, done at two laboratories, a British and a Portuguese laboratory. Those results also confirm that Gerry McCann is the father of Madeleine, according to CM. The daily 24 Horas had a front page, months ago, claiming that Gerry McCann was not Madeleine’s father.

Crying for Dad…

The newspaper refers that when the investigation is finished and charges brought against the McCann, the case will be send to UK, to be put on trial on a British Court. Among several details about evidence that helped PJ to confirm the suspicions against the parents of Madeleine, CM says that Pamela Fenn, the Irish lady who lives on the first floor of the same building from where Madeleine vanished, told Police she heard Madeleine crying, the night of May 2, calling for her father, and that she heard also Kate McCann shouting, out of control.

Pagarete denies 24 Horas

“I never said to 24 Horas that Michaela Walczuch has been named a formal suspect”, Mr. Francisco Pagarete told, today. The lawyer of Robert Murat was quoted by daily 24 Horas as having revealed that Michaela Walczuch was named a formal suspect, in November, following information given to police by a witness found by Metodo 3, the Spanish detective company hired y the McCann. The newspaper front page, today, claims that Michaela Walczuch is the fourth formal suspect named in this case.