Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A “diversion” at a “crucial moment”

Police sources, quoted by British and Portuguese Media, said that the sketch released by the McCann was a “diversion”. Criminologist Moita Flores told TV that it’s not a coincidence the new image appears when investigation is at a “crucial point”, with the McCann friends to be questioned again soon. Police expects that more people will be named as formal suspects, as a result of the new questioning.

The request to question again the Tapas Group was made by PJ and addressed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) which, after analysing the new evidence submitted by police, gave authorization to proceed with the questioning. On October last year, a formal statement from PPO said that, at the time, there was no new evidence that justified further questioning of the Tapas Group.

Portuguese journalists showed the sketch of the new suspect to people all around Praia da Luz but couldn’t find anybody who confirmed a sighting, it was reported today.