Thursday, 31 January 2008

Missing in action (and the McCann lawyers are watching you…)

I’ve been "absent" for a few days. Nothing of special, just some personal problems that took some time to solve. Meanwhile, Madeleine McCann was spotted in Chile and Argentina (only…) and four Portuguese citizens (one, living in Gibraltar) were accused (by British Media, and Police in Gibraltar) of having some relation with the disappearance of Madeleine, due to their resemblance to the sketch revealed by Clarence Mitchell.

“Another week, another Madeleine McCann "suspect", wrote Sue Carroll, in The Mirror. That’s truth. And that’s odd, in The Mirror – a critic opinion about the McCann campaign.

Polícia Judiciária was informed, 22 days ago, that formal letters requesting new interrogation of Tapas Group were delivered to its destiny. It seems that the Home Office refuses, now, to confirm the letters were received, according to the Daily Mail, or just denies the existence of any request for legal assistance related with the McCann case, according to Daily Express.

Are those letters missing in action? Lost in translation? Is it possible that the same “solution” applied to the Chappelow murder case is being applied to the McCann case? And be careful with what you write. The powerful McCann legal team is watching you!

Listen to Mr Clarence Mitchell, a former Media Monitoring Unit director: “"We have made it very clear that publications in Britain and Portugal are subject to the laws of libel and defamation, like everyone else, and our lawyers are watching all of this. We reserve the right to take legal action and have three years in which to do it."