Sunday, 6 January 2008

Why spending money so fast?

One of my regular readers send me a email with a curious reflection about the huge amount of money the fund Findmadleine is paying to Metodo 3. What if the McCann are just “transferring” the fund, in order to have no limitations to the way they spend it? - this is the question my faithful reader asked me. I stop to think about it for a few minutes. The fund Findmadeleine is a private company, so they don't have to show their accounts to the public. But as the money came from donations to help find Madeleine, it must be used only for that.
There is no way to confirm where the money is going, unless people in charge of the fund decides to open the books and publish in the net all the documents that could allow thousands of donors to verify what happened to the money they gave. But I don't remember to see any promise like that, coming from the fund managers. And I doubt they will made public all those documents, like the payments to Metodo 3 or the diner and bar expenses of Justine McGuinness.