Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Give me “Crimewatch” or nothing!

One thing that Mr. Clarence Mitchell never, but never, will be able to understand or admit, is the existence of something that is not British or somebody who doesn’t agree with him. Another problem, for a person who wants to give the idea that he is a spokesman, is the clear evidence that he is not able to listen to experts.

In the Portuguese legal system, re-enacting a crime is a decision that belongs to the authorities. When it’s done, how it’s done, who must be there, why is it done, it’s for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Criminal Court and Police to decide. Listening to what Mr. Clarence Mitchell told, it seems that in UK, crime re-enacting is decided by TV producers and is done according to those producers (and program ratings…)

Mr. Clarence Mitchell told RTP that the McCann demand the status of “arguidos” to be lifted, as a condition to accept the invitation to come to Portugal, on April 15 and 16, and watch the re-enacting of the events that took place, on May 3rd 2007. Please, can somebody tell Mr. Clarence Mitchell to listen to what Mr. Rogério Alves has to tell him, about this?

It is also a surprise, for me, to know that the McCann, having said before – through their spokespeople – that:

a) They would never leave Portugal before finding what happened to Madeleine;
b) They could come back to Portugal, as “arguidos”, just to see some friends;
c) They would not come back to Portugal, unless their status of “arguidos” was lifted;

Now, they are worried with Kate: "Kate is upset. There's been no sense of concern for her feelings or the anguish it will cause her. On an emotional level she is not sure she can go through with it”, according to a “friend”, quoted by The Press Association.

Unless, it seems, if there are TV cameras available and the re-enactment can be broadcasted, according to Reuters: “Kate and Gerry McCann and their lawyers are considering the proposal and have yet to decide whether to go, spokesman Clarence Mitchell told BBC television. It is very much under discussion,’ he said.”

"What Kate and Gerry would welcome very much is something that will actually help find Madeleine. If a Crimewatch style reconstruction ... is what is being proposed, then of course they will take part. He said such a televised reconstruction was suggested by the McCanns and BBC Crimewatch last year, but was turned down by the Portuguese authorities.”