Thursday, 24 April 2008

The McCann effect

“TERRIFIED pensioners were mugged at gunpoint while on holiday in Portugal” - this the title of a tragic story, published by The Citizen, from Blackburn. Reading it, you can easily think that going to Darfur or Algarve is not very different, in what concerns risking your life. The persistent and powerful campaign of the McCann to undermine the credibility of Portugal, presenting it as a country with third world standards of life, shows its results. Next, probably, we will hear about cannibals hunting poor Irish pensioners in Faro and head-hunters collecting their souvenirs from innocent English schoolgirls in Portimão.

And all of this because the parents of three small children choose to have fun and a few drinks, instead of taking proper care of their sons. I was really touched by the quick and public apology of Clarence Mitchell, after newspapers run a story that could bring some damage to the image of Mark Warner, the company that owns the Ocean Club. It seems that Kate McCann said something, on a documentary to be broadcasted, that could be understood as a critic to Mark Warner. No, far from that, Mr. Clarence Mitchell told the Media, Kate McCann never had any intention of criticizing the company. Sounds strange, for me, this denial, so blunt and so fast... Were the McCann afraid of the reaction of Mark Warner? If yes, I wonder what could be the reason...

Anyway, we know that next May 3rd will be marked by a new, strong and violent attack to the Portuguese police investigation and, at the same time, the McCann will announce specific plans for future actions, in the field of child protection, where they want to play a key role. Allow me to suggest a slogan for their campaign to have an “Amber alert” in Europe: “Never leave your children alone in an apartment to go out for diner with your friends...”