Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Just to confirm the headline of our previous posts...

EU Vice-President Jacques Barrot REJECTS McCann's project of a European Amber alert”, was the headline. It doesn't say that Barroso and Barrot are against the idea of a rapid response alert, just that they don't support the McCann's “recent” idea, launched with the help of five Members of European Parliament. What Barrot said is very clear, I think: The EU will proceed with it's own legislative process of setting up a missing children alert system, following the formal decisions already taken, since 2006 (among others, a legal decision approved in the beginning of this year by the European Parliament).

The EU Commission has it's own project of a rapid response scheme, since 2006. And that is the project that EU and Barrot are willing to set up - not the McCann's inspired proposal of doing something vague and similar as the USA have done, with the Amber Alert. Check what Carlos Coelho, a Portuguese MEP from PSD said: "The McCann couple launched a public relations campaign, trying to "seize" a policy that is already being enforced..." (and watch the exasperation of Kate and Gerry McCann, when questioned by journalists about the fact they left three children alone...)

Take a look at this, from Missing Children Europe: "With as am aim to drive this ambition forward, the European Commission invited representatives of Missing Children Europe to an informal meeting on 17 August. Following this meeting Missing Children Europe convened an Interdisciplinary Core Group of NGOs and law enforcement agencies, which met on 31 August 2007 and drafted some initial recommendations. These recommendations were presented at a meeting convened by the Directorate–General Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission involving Representatives of the Police and/or Judicial authorities from the 27 Member States on 12 September. Meanwhile, the European Commission drafted European Guidelines on the EU Child Alert. These Guidelines were inspired by the recommendations of the Interdisciplinary Core Group. The Commission Guidelines were the starting point for the discussions at the Informal Meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Lisbon of 2 October and will be the basis for the suggested project."

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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