Sunday, 22 June 2008

Now I know what you did last summer...

Madeleine McCann was made a ward of court last summer, according to The Telegraph. Could have been any time between May and September 2007. Clarence Mitchell explained that Madeleine McCann was made a ward of court “on the instigation of Gerry and Kate”. As far as I know, Courts don't act “on the instigation” of anyone. Courts act and take decisions following formal requests, complains and/or accusations from solicitors, lawyers, social services, police and prosecution services.

What does it means, “on the instigation of Gerry and Kate”? The McCann just suggested it, during an informal chat with a Judge or while talking with somebody from Social Services? What kind of formal request was presented to a Court and what kind of arguments were used, to ask the Judge to make Madeleine McCann a ward of court and who signed that request? Did Clarence Mitchell used a wrong word – just a mistake, a lapsus linguae - or a carefully chosen word, when he said “instigation”?

Why did Mr. Clarence Mitchell classified the fact that “some details of court proceedings concerning Madeleine have been made public” as something “regrettable”? Why did the McCann “instigated” the Court to take away from them their parental rights, the custody of their missing child?