Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tapas friends denied Mccann's version of events

Fiona Payne, her mother, Dianne Webster and her husband David Payne denied the Mccann version of events on the night of May 3, when Madeleine disappeared. Their statements to Polícia Judiciária, on June 11, 2007, in Portimão, were clear: each couple was in charge of checking their own kids and there was no system of regularly checking all children, at the same time, by each one of the nine adults having dinner at Tapas Restaurant. According to today's edition of Portuguese daily “24 Horas”, Fiona Payne has made statements to PJ on three different occasions, just like Mathew Oldfield and his wife Rachel. “The statement of Dianne Webster, mother of Fiona, was very consistent and there was no need to question her again”, a judicial source told “24 Horas”.“The other persons who had dinner with the Mccann – Janne Taner, Russel O'Brien, Mathew and Rachel Oldfield – made contradictory statements”, the same source said. “Jane Tanner always said that she left the restaurant to check on her daughter. Fiona, David and Dianne told PJ that she never left the restaurant, before Kate Mccann raised the alarm”, wrote “24 Horas”. These informations were confirmed by the statements of several Tapas workers.