Wednesday, 9 July 2008

EU ministers reject “Madeleine Alert”

The set up of an European Amber Alert System was rejected, yesterday, by EU Justice Minister, during an informal meeting, in Cannes, France. "We shouldn't send out a European alert when a child has been gone for just a few hours," German Justice Minister told the Media. "The great majority of children return home after two or three days." However, the EU Justice Ministers agreed on the necessity of a closer cooperation between police forces and alert systems already used in EU countries.

For the MailOnline, “Brussels throws out McCann's appeal for European missing child alert system,” in this meeting. The announcement “was welcomed” by Kate and Gerry, who have been campaigning for an EU alert system to be adopted by all 27 countries: "This announcement is very encouraging as it underlines the fact that there is a Europe-wide desire for things to improve,” Mr. Clarence Mitchell, the family spokesman, told the MailOnline.

French Justice Minister Rachida Dati “urged her counterparts to adopt the system Paris uses, which she said has worked six times in six tries. When it comes to protecting children in Europe no resource should be spared," she said. "We absolutely must bring together everything that we have."

A "written declaration" to the European Parliament, signed by a group of EU Mps and backed by the McCann managed to collect, until today - the last day - 351 signatures, but it needed 393 in order sent it to the European Parliament to be voted, not to be automatically adopted, as the MailOnline wrote.