Friday, 25 July 2008

Gonçalo Amaral refused proposal from British newspaper

A British newspaper offered Gonçalo Amaral a large amount of money to have the exclusive for the publication of extracts from his book, the former PJ investigator revealed yesterday, at a Press Conference, just before the launching of “The Truth of the Lie”. One of the four British journalists that were at the Press Conference, asked Mr. Amaral what were his feelings about “people that accused him of profiting from the tragedy of a child.”

Mr. Amaral answered saying that “there is an English newspaper that I believe is represented here, but I will not mention the name, that not long ago, has made a high priced offer for the exclusive rights to publish extracts of the book, before its launching – an offer I refused.” The former PJ investigator also said that “in life, money isn't everything, dignity and honour are also very important.”