Saturday, 12 July 2008

A good example of news manipulation or journalistic incompetence

Daily Post

Kinnock ‘child alert’ agreed

Jul 11 2008 by Tom Bodden

A CALL by a Welsh MEP for a Europe-wide ‘amber alert’ system for recovering thousands of missing children received overwhelming backing. Glenys Kinnock co-authored the written declarations – supported by the parents of missing Madeleine McCann – calling for emergency cooperation to find some of the 130,000 children who go missing across Europe every year. More than half of the European Parliament’s 732 MEPs have supported the proposals, which will oblige European governments to take action on key recommendations.”

What is wrong with this story:

The support of more than half of the 785 MEPs was for a “written declaration” which is just a declaration of intentions, and it's not legally-binding. This specific “written declaration”, as Rule 116 from EU Parliament clearly states, shall not go beyond the form of a declaration and shall not, in particular, contain any decision on matters for the adoption of which specific procedures and competences are laid down in the Rules of Procedure. Also, such a declaration shall, at the end of the part-session, be forwarded to the institutions named therein together with the names of the signatories. It shall be included in the minutes of the sitting at which it is announced. Publication in the minutes shall close the procedure. So, there was no formal agreement, meaning a Law being voted and passed in the European Parliament.

There was no proposals in the sense that MEPs have not presented any kind of formal proposal to the EU Parliament to discuss and vote any new law or changes in any existing law . This mentioned “written declaration” does not oblige European governments to take action on key recommendations” as Tom Bodden, from Daily Post, wrote. A “written declaration” does not oblige any Government to do whatever it refers in its contents.