Saturday, 26 July 2008

Haven for paedophiles: It's not only Portugal, also Spain...

A British couple living in Torrevieja, Spain, “have been forced to prevent their children from playing outside their homes, after a local man was caught masturbating in front of them.” The man was apprehend by Bryan Dawson, a British who relocated to Playa los Locos, Torrevieja, five years ago. The Guardia Civil (Spanish Police) was called and arrested the man. But the following day, when the man was in court, the Judge “did not recognize the case as a sexual offence, passing a ruling of ‘Public Disorder,’ and releasing the defendant”, according to Round Town News.

The parents were devastated by the decision, and now it is not the offender but the children who have been denied their freedom, as they can no longer play outside safely”, the on-line paper wrote. Bryan Dawson said “that the Guardia Civil acted swiftly and efficiently, heightening feelings of disbelief and betrayal when the man was released by the Judge on the same terms that would apply had he spat in the street.” Her partner, Carla Mansbride, “referred to the case of Madeleine McCann in the Algarve and other children who have disappeared from Spanish turf, exclaiming, 'It is terrifying to imagine how far this man will be allowed to go before the law will do anything to punish him."

After Madeleine McCann disappeared from Algarve, British Media published stories about the lack of control and the lenient punishment, from Portuguese authorities, concerning sexual offenders. Daily Mail even had a story about “Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case.” Well, it seems that it's not only Portugal, the Spanish also may have a problem with Judges and sexual offenders. But what is curious is British newspapers reporting that British paedophiles are allowed to travel to Portugal and Portuguese police is not informed of that. Exporting a problem?