Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The reasons why Murat was named 'arguido'

A lot of people has been asking why Murat was named “arguido”. An “Editorial Note”, on Portuguese weekly “Expresso” (July 12, 2008 edition) even referred that “Robert Murat was named 'arguido', and remains on that situation since 13 months because of... nothing. Because of absolutely nothing!”

But there is a good number of reasons for that, referred in Mr. Amaral's book, facts and information that are in the investigation files. Some of those reasons and results of the investigation, resumed from the book:

  • On May 11, Amaral himself walked the path in the same direction where Jane Tanner said she saw a man carrying a child, on the night of May 3

  • He saw Murat's home and Murat going out, with his mother and asked a police officer who he was. The officer said he knew him and he was translating to police

  • Back in the crisis room, more information was available (Lorraine' suspicions, a lot of curiosity about the investigation, from Murat, and so on)

  • Profilers from CEOP start to “work” on Murat's profile, his home was put under close and sophisticated electronic surveillance

  • Jane Tanner was placed inside a surveillance van from police (windows that allow to look outside, from the van, without being seen), the van was parked in a strategic position, near the A5 apartment, and PJ investigators took Murat with them, making exactly the same walk the man carrying a child has made, according to Jane Tanner

  • Jane Tanner looked at Murat walking and told police she was sure he was the same man, she recognized the way he walked, with no doubt

  • Sunday, May 12, Murat rented a car and drove a lot of miles, most of it on secondary roads, not paved

  • Investigators believed he detected that he was under surveillance, so asked for a search warrant on Sunday, May 13, at night. May 14, 7:20 am, they start to search Murat's home, with a search warrant from the Criminal Court Judge. Nothing was found to incriminate Murat

  • Same day, at 10:00 am, they begin to question Murat. He was named arguido, refused a lawyer and cooperated fully, answering all questions, even if he had the legal right to remain silent. He was nervous, but his answers were clear and direct to the point.

  • PJ discovered phone calls on May 3, around 11:30 pm, between Murat, Malinka and Murat's girlfriend (she was in Lagos, according to the antenna signals, Murat and Malinka at Praia da Luz)

  • They say they were talking about the web site Malinka built to Murat and Michaele real estate business, or just “don't remember” (no indication about who said what, exactly)

  • Information from British police, based on statements from a Murat's childhood friend: Murat, as an adolescent, was a pervert, attempted to have sex with a dog and a cat, then killed both of them with cruelty; the same source said he would have attempted to rape a cousin, when he was 16

  • British profilers concluded Murat had 90 % of possibilities of being responsible for the kidnap of Madeleine's

  • Suddenly”, on May 16, some of the McCann friends remembered they saw Murat near apartment A5, on the night of May 3, after Madeleine disappeared, either before or after GNR arrived (GNR arrived from Lagos between 11:10/11:15 pm, they received the first call only at 10:46 pm)

  • Rachel Mampilly, Fiona Payne and Russel O'Brien made statements to police, saying they saw Murat immediately after Madeleine's disappearance, near apartment A5

  • On July 11, 2007, there was a confrontation, in the presence of PJ investigators – a legal action, within a crime investigation, whenever there are contradictory statements (“acareação”, in Portuguese). The McCann friends insisted they saw him, Murat repeated he was at home, with his mother

  • Later, GNR officers, staff from Ocean Club and local residents who helped in the search immediately after Kate raised the alarm, when questioned by police, all denied to have seen Murat, on that night (staff from Ocean Club and local residents knew him very well, since long time, some of the GNR officers also)