Saturday, 19 July 2008

They didn't signed

Eight of the 78 British European Parliament members didn't signed the “written declaration” appealing for the set up of a Amber alert system in all 27 EU countries. The McCann lobby was not so successful among Portuguese MEPs: 10 of the 24 Portuguese MEPs didn't signed. The support those 14 MEPs gave to the McCann, who joined the initiative, with the backing of McMillan-Scot, was criticised inside their own political parties, who are afraid that Portuguese electors may react with some hostility, due to the violent campaign against Portuguese police and Judicial system, that McCann supporters have launched.

The eight British outsiders, who refused to help the McCann campaign, were Thomas Wise, John Whittaker, Michael Henry Nattrass, Ashley Mote, Roger Knapman, Timothy Kirkhope, Daniel Hannan et Godfrey Bloom. The 14 Portuguese supporters of the Rothley couple were Paulo Casaca (PS), Maria da Assunção Esteves (PSD), Edite Estrela (PS), Emanuel Jardim Fernandes (PS), Ilda Figueiredo (PCP-PEV), Ana Maria Gomes (PS), Pedro Guerreiro (PCP), Joel Hasse Ferreira (PS), Jamila Madeira (PS), João de Deus Pinheiro (PSD), Luis Queiró (CDS), José Ribeiro e Castro (CDS), Manuel António dos Santos (PS) e José Albino Silva Peneda (PSD).

On January 2008, before the McCann inspired “written declaration” appeared, McMillan-Scot admitted that the question of an alert system for missing children was a responsibility for each of the EU Sate members. Those remarks were done when the European parliament voted a resolution that already had a specific strategy for dealing with this problem, including an alert system and a hotline number, to allow a more quick reaction from police forces of the 27 EU countries.

A question that still needs an answer is why McMillan-Scot lobbied so strongly for a “written declaration”, a non-legally biding document, when the EU had already in place a strategy for improving the cooperation among police forces, in cases of missing children.

(to be continued)

Duarte Levy & Paulo Reis

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