Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The usual idiots

John O'Connor, a former commander of Scotland Yard's flying squad, said: 'If I were Clarence Mitchell, I'd try to put pressure on Jack Straw (the Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor) to ask for a review of the case by British police. It's about time for transparency; there's been too much done in secret.'

What's next? Send the Home Fleet and Royal Marines to occupy Algarve and allow Scotland Yard to search again Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas? Transfer suspect natives, whose faces are similar to the famous sketch produced by a FBI trained artist, to concentration camps, as your country did to women and children suspected of supporting the Boers guerrillas fighters? Probably, you also would like that we, humble, short and dark-skinned people, use some kind of distinctive symbol – after you send in the troops – like a yellow sardine, in an armband, as Nature also makes mistakes and there are some blonde hair, blue-eyed Portuguese.

You are a perfect idiot, Mr. John O'Connor. And it seems that there is a lot of people like you, with the same arrogance of those that considers themselves members of a superior race, brought to Earth to serve as an example of what is being civilized. Now, I understand the IRA had good reasons to do what they have done and I even look at Mr Mugabe with a certain sympathy.

PS – Are you the same former Scotland Yard Commander John O'Connor, who has been “working with the Portuguese authorities investigating Madeleine’s disappearance”, as The Online Resident wrote, or was that just a cover up for your real assignment, “enquiring into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal” for TV?