Sunday, 10 August 2008

British Media and Clarence Mitchell

Madeleine was in Venezuela, weeks ago: “Businessman Trevor Francis is certain he spotted the missing five-year-old in Venezuela just WEEKS ago. Because of the remarkable eye detail, Gerry and Kate McCann regard this as one of the most significant sightings.”

But it seems she came back to Belgium, last week: “A bank security worker said she saw the girl on Monday accompanied by a woman of North African appearance, on CCTV footage from a branch of KBC Bank in the west of Brussels.”

About the sighting in Venezuela, Mr. Clarence Mitchell said “the detail of his description was very significant. He added: 'The investigation team are looking into this seriously. The eye makes it potentially more serious than other sightings.”

About the sighting in Belgium, Mr Clarence Mitchell said: "We are taking this sighting seriously in the sense that all information that is relevant is taken seriously. We do not have it confirmed yet. At the moment Kate and Gerry's private investigators are liaising with the Belgian authorities. I am still waiting to hear from the investigators."