Saturday, 9 August 2008

Private investigators working at Praia da Luz on May 2007

The McCann held the first of several meetings with two leaders of a team of privates investigators, at Praia da Luz, on May, 2007. Those private investigators, working under the coordination of Control Risk Group, were former special forces soldiers, communications experts and former members of the British Intelligence Services. With the help of relatives from the McCann couple, they checked several areas of Praia da Luz and other places in Algarve, following leads that were send to Madeleine's parents, through different channels.

They also watched closely the work of the Portuguese police and mixed with journalists, collecting information, to keep the McCann advisers updated with the reactions of their Media campaign among the Press. Among a small numbers of relatives and advisers of the McCann, they were referred as "the boys from the Army".

The flow of information, about how the investigation was developing, coming through some British police high ranking officers, gave the McCann an advanced knowledge that even allowed private investigators to check some leads and places, before PJ, as it happened with the “Dutch map” episode.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis