Thursday, 7 August 2008

Snippets and a few details (I)

Tapas Bar employee and wine bottles

After taking taking note of the requests for the meal, when all the McCann group was seated, he always brought four bottles of wine (2 white and 2 red wine) and a bottle of water to the table, for the starters. When the main courses were on the table, it was usual to bring four more bottles of wine.

Cleaning the house

Following a tip about elements from Control Risk Group coming to Praia da Luz, to “clean and collect” areas and objects related with the McCann family, a team of PJ detectives went to check the house where the McCann stayed until leaving to UK. The McCann left on September 9 and the keys were returned to the real estate company the next day, September 10, by Susan Hubbard, wife of the Anglican priest who came from Canada to Praia da Luz three days after Madeleine disappeared. The cleaning lady, hired by the company, was there on September 10 and saw nothing of strange, only 2 or 3 boxes with files that were left at the garage and later picked up by Susan Hubbard.

Eddie and Keela's reaction

The British dog specialized in sniffing dead bodies scent showed an above average interest, as soon as he entered A5 apartment, according to his handler. Also, when passing the Renault Scenic, the dog's behaviours changed substantially. The two dogs only alerted to property associated with the McCann family.