Sunday, 5 April 2009

Disgusting rascals

The scoundrels who swarm editorial offices of British rags have already started to bark again, almost certainly following the orders of the advisers of the neglectful couple who left three children alone while they were gulping bottles of read and white during their holidays in Portugal. Gerry and Kate are now willing to do a ‘reconstruction’ of what happened that night, after having refused the PJ’s request to do it.

The why is understandable. The neglectful parents feared – and they were clear about it – that the reconstruction requested by the PJ was intended to confirm the statements of the nine friends who allegedly had dinner at the Ocean Club that night. This ‘initiative’ by the couple of neglectful parents is mentioned by the obedient English press, namely by “The People”, which takes the opportunity to release false information. These idiots say that the Police have renewed public appeals by displaying and handing out around 10 thousand leaflets in which information about the missing child is requested.

This could be the opportunity to ask these fools from “The People”: who is paying you to release false information? The new campaign mentioned was launched by the neglectful parents and not by the Police. As always, the pink appendix who accompanies the couple of neglectful parents vents out some innuendo aimed at causing tears to the gullible. The pink thing says that there are new elements which could lead to important leads. Yeah.. But no telling the Pol√≠cia Judici√°ria about that information, right?