Thursday, 31 May 2007

New information about Madeleine's abduction expected at any moment

New information about Madeleine's abduction expected this afternoon
Police spokesman:At any moment, other persons may be called to be questioned by Police or witnesses can be formally accused

TVI, a Portuguese news channel said today, on its 01:00 pm news bulletin, that “Polícia Judiciária (PJ) may reveal new details about Madeleine McCann abduction this afternoon”. Police presence was very visible, yesterday, at Praia da Luz. (...) PJ spokesman, Chief-Inspector Olegário de Sousa is quoted in today´s edition of daily Diário de Notícias saying that “investigations are going on” and “at any moment new information may come out”. (...)

PS - I'm trying to get a confirmation about a Press Conference scheduled for the end of this afternoon, accordind to my sources.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Apologies and an explanation for my long “absence”

My page wasn't updated for more than 24 hours. My sincere apologies and an explanation for this. As all of those that have followed this blog and the previous one (“Blogging from Praia da Luz”) know, I spent a week reporting and blogging about Madeleine McCann abduction, from Praia da Luz. I left Algarve in Wednesday, May 23 and arrived at Lisbon on Friday, May 25 – two days for a journey that took me 3,5 hours, when I went to Praia da Luz. A small accident (lost my helmet's wind shield) a mechanical problem with my moto, fog and rain where the reasons for this delay.

The night of Friday, May 25, I had to rush to Hospital with my mother and my sister, both with a serious food poisoning. I left the Hospital at 3.30 am. On Saturday, I rested and did some updating, posting a few pictures at the Portfolio of Gazeta Digital. On Sunday, May 27, before lunch time, a pit bull mauled seriously the small dog (a pequinois) of my 85 years old father, as he was doing his usual mid-morning walking through the streets of Alcochete, a village on the south bank of Tejo, 20 km from Lisbon, where we live.

It happened just in front of my house and I had to rush to a veterinary clinic, more worried with my father's health condition that with “Saicó” (his pet name). The dog is still alive but has the rear legs paralysed. My parents are in a state of shock and I had to assist and help them, for the last two days, as my sister was still in bed, sick. Now that she's better and can share with me the responsibility of taking care of our parents, I'll try to do my work and update my page, starting with the latest news from Portuguese Press, about Madeleine's case.

Paulo Reis

Ps – I spent a couple of hours, last night, to set up a blog (“Tolerância Zero Para Cães Assassinos” - “Zero Tolerance For Killer Dogs”). I'm starting a campaign to petition Portuguese Parliament to introduce legislation similar to the UK Dangerous Dogs Act from 1991. This blog is only in Portuguese, but the pictures I took with my mobile phone will tell you what happened, in a so clear way as if it was written in English.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Some pictures from Praia da Luz - Crime Scene

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WARNING: Copies of pictures posted here, with printing quality, may be found HERE. Any organization, institution, private company, media company, newspaper, magazine or TV is authorized to use and reproduce freely those pictures, with the condition that its use is directly related with the publication of news, TV broadcasting or any other initiative that has the SINGLE and EXCLUSIVE PURPOSE of helping to publicize the case of Madeleine’s abduction, her pictures and appeals for help and/or information that can contribute to bring her back home. Any individual or organization that uses these pictures for other purposes, mainly with profitable and/or financial intentions will be prosecuted. When reproduced and/or used, pictures must be signed: Paulo Reis - Gazeta Digital. (*)

(*) - I’ll appreciate if anyone who uses one of my pictures could send me a link or a scanning from where it has been published.


Picture I

(click image to enlarge)

I think most people couldn't take a look, until now, on images with detailed views of the area from where Madeleine's McCan was abducted. This a rear view of the building where McCann family had their apartment. The window signaled with an arrow is the room where Madeleine was and, probably, it was through this window she was taken from the room.

Picture II

(click image to enlarge)

This a view of the path from McCann's family apartment to Tapas Restaurant. The red arrow points to the front area of the building where, on the ground floor, is the apartment, whose back window is pictured on the first photo. Blue arrow chows the way to a closed area of the Resort, where is the Tapas Restaurant, swimming pool, kindergarten, and other facilities. The entry to this area is controlled and under surveillance.

Picture III

(click image to enlarge)

To the left, the reception of Ocean Club. In the image, Madelein's mother with one of the twins, in one of the daily walks McCann family does. She is going to turn left and follow the path shown in picture II

Picture IV

(click image to enlarge)

“Walking Alone”: Madeleine's parents, carrying the twins, walk from their apartment's door to the inside area of Ocean Club's resort, where is Tapas restaurant and the swimming pool.

Picture V

(click image to enlarge)

Image taken from the area signalled at Picture VI, with the camera over the wall of Ocean club resort.

Picture VI

(click image to enlarge)

An aerial photo, published by revista “Visão” - Nº 740 - May 10, 2007. This picture gives a very clear view from the building Madeleine was, Tapas restaurant, distance, paths and accesses to the restaurant and to the apartments building.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Portuguese police released a description of a suspect

White male, 35 to 40 years old, 1.75 meters high, short hair at the front, long hair over the neck, is the description of a suspect, made by several witnesses that saw a man walking around Praia da Luz, the night Madeleine was abducted. The information was released today by Polícia Judiciária (Portuguese CID).

I'm at home!

Ok. I just arrived home, 5 minutes ago, all wet and frozen. Didn't stop raining, since I left Alcácer do Sal. I don't believe there is a risk of fire, because it's still raining. But I'm expecting an earthquake or a tsunami, at any moment...

"I once was lost but now am found..."

I'm tired, sleepless and emotional. I don't have an iPod. I have a "mix" of good old Rock'n'Roll and Soul music in a 2 GB pen drive, in one folder. There are so many musics in the folder, that I never heard it from beginning to end. I was preparing to turn my computer off and I heard the voice of Aretha Franklin, starting ten long minutes of a fantastic version of “Amazing Grace”.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.”
“The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.”

Does God play dice? I don’t think so…

News about Madeleine McCann from today’s Portuguese Press - May 25, 2007

My net connection is failing, I don’t know why. But I managed to check most of the Portuguese Press online and also a few sites of Radio, TV and online publications. Expresso refers the presence of three Scotland Yard officers, who checked, yesterday, the path from Murat’s home to Ocean Club, in both directions. Asked by the journalists, they refused to tell their names.
I saw many references to the II European Conference about Missing Children, to start today, in Lisbon, to mark the International Day of Missing Children. Correio da Manhã has a headline that says “Madeleine’s parents are ‘frustrated’ with the Portuguese police investigation”, but I couldn’t open the link.
Diário de Notícias writes about the first TV interview of Madeleine’s parents, to take place today. They will talk with British TV’s, first, than with Portuguese TV’s and Associated Press. Also in Diário de Notícias, journalist Fernanda Câncio has a opinion column, with a critical view about Media coverage of Madeleine’s abduction, remembering what happened with the tragedy of Entre-os-Rios, in North of Portugal when a bus plunged into a river, in the middle of a storm, killing 59 people and starting a media frenzy for weeks, as police divers tried, with no success, to retrieve the bodies.
This is it. I'll try to go home, now, and probably, I’ll be sleeping the next 24 hours.

Waiting for the rising sun

It’s 06:22 (*) am, May 25 2007. It’s already day time, but I barely can see the road, from the coffee-shop of the gas station. Fog is still thick as a brick. I remember the first time I heard this album of Jethro Tull. I was a young boy, living in Angola, Africa, where I was born and lived until November 1976, when war thrown us out, bound for Portugal, a country where I’ve been once in my life, on holydays, when I was 11 years old. It was a lazy afternoon (probably a Sunday, as I was at home, so had no school) and I was listening to a popular Radio program (was it “Luanda 72”?) when they introduced the new album of Jethro Tull.
Many years after that, at Macau’s Law Faculty, where I attempted to change my life, forget newspapers and news and became a successful lawyer (guess what happened…) I had a fantastic professor of Economics. I remember when he explained basic market laws with the title of two of Rolling Stones most well known music’s: “I can’t get no satisfaction” and “You can’t always get what you want”. I learned more about Economy, during two months, at his classes, than in all of my life. When he told us a couple of things about the Industrial Revolution in England, I was amazed to find the explanation for the name “Jethro Tull”: he was a British who invented, in 1701, one the first mechanical systems to be applied to agriculture. Thank you, professor Duarte! Your clear explanation about how Economy works allow me to trust more on palm readers than in economists.
Now, it’s 7:12 (*) am. At last, I can see the road. Fog is disappearing. It’s time to go home. God, it’s only 40 km! I hope this time I can make it! Or perhaps is safer to walk instead of driving my moto… I’ll check the Portuguese Press, to give you a last update of news about Madeleine’s abduction, as most newspapers are already online. Be back soon.
(*) - I know, there seems to be something wrong with my posting hours! Only realized now that I saved the post, first, with the tittle, and than I wrote it. So, when I finished and posted it, had already the hour I saved the first draft, only with a tittle. It's 7:30 am, as I'm writing this note.

Still 40 km from home, my bad luck continues

I started to write this post at 05:00 am, May 25 2007. I have a good story to tell to my grandsons: How it took me almost 40 hours (instead of the usual 3 hours…) to travel from Lagos to Lisbon. I left Grandola, where I wrote my previous post, around 03.30 am. After a few kilometres, I found fog so thick it seems I had crashed against a wall of milk. I had to drive at 40/50 km ph (sometimes slower than that) and every 30 seconds had to clean my helmet’s windshield with my glove, because of humidity. I only managed to drive looking at the white strip on my right and visibility wasn’t more than 30/50 meters. Took a long time to make the 40 km between Grandola and Alcácer do Sal, where I am, now.
I give up. I’ll stay here, work a little bit, sleep a little bit, and will leave to Lisbon when the sun rises. I already prepared my “bed”, an old technique I learned many years ago (see picture bellow).
I’m typing and I have ZZ Top (“Bad to the Bone”) on my headphones. The coffee-shop is empty. I look outside, through the windows, and everything is painted in white. So much bad luck means that I did something very serious and He decided to punish me. I looked back at all my life and I can’t find nothing so serious that justifies 40 hours from Lagos to Lisbon.
Maybe He his busy with other more important things. May be it’s another guy who grabbed the opportunity and is doing this to me. The same guy that “was there, in the desert, when Jesus had his doubts”.
Anyway, nothing is all bad, something good may be found in every situation. Here, it’s quiet and warm. Forget to say that when I left to Algarve, last week, it was summer time. Weather changed suddenly and now it’s winter. I brought a special coat for bikers, but a medium one, for a not so cold weather. So, when I arrived here I was frozen from head to toes. I’m a little bit tired, but not enough to sleep, yet. So I’ll keep writing and posting until I fall asleep or I can see the sun, outside, instead of this white wall.
I’m pleased with my work at Praia da Luz. What I like more is this photo I took, during one of the daily walks of McCann’s family. I called it “Walking Alone”. I think it’s a nice photo. Up to you to judge.

Almost home, after two days of bad luck!

It’s 02:39 am, May 24 2007. I’m at the gas station near Grândola, around 120 km from home. Run out of gas and had to call Brisa (the company in charge of managing highways and assistance services). I don’t know how it happened. I had enough gasoline to make it from Aljustrel, where I wrote my previous posting, to Grandola. 30 km before Grandola’s gas station, I needed to turn on the reserve supply. It was supposed to be enough to 50 km, they told me when I bought my Honda.
Three km before the gas station, the tank was dry. I couldn’t walk those three km, because it’s forbidden by law to walk on the highway. So, as there has been an accident nearby, this was a busy night for guys working at the assistance service of Brisa. I thank them for the help. Just think that it’s a little bit expensive: 30,30 euros, for six litres of gasoline (price of a litre at a gas station: around one euro…), including the service and the miles they had to drive to meet me. Mr. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brisa, what about reviewing your company's price policy?
I’m very close from home. I’ll drive slowly, carefully and praying that my bad luck has finished. It took me more than 24 hours to come from Algarve to Lisbon. I travelled the same distance, last week, within less than three hours. I’ll post something as soon as I arrive.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

New Blog to comment about Madeleine McCann's case

Walking alone...

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I stoped at Almodovar, on my way back to Lisbon, to rest and created a new Blog, as "Blogging from Praia da Luz" is closed to posting (but still open to comments). The reason is simple: I'm no more reporting and blogging from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine McCann was abducted on the night of May 3rd, 21 days ago.