Friday, 25 May 2007

Almost home, after two days of bad luck!

It’s 02:39 am, May 24 2007. I’m at the gas station near Grândola, around 120 km from home. Run out of gas and had to call Brisa (the company in charge of managing highways and assistance services). I don’t know how it happened. I had enough gasoline to make it from Aljustrel, where I wrote my previous posting, to Grandola. 30 km before Grandola’s gas station, I needed to turn on the reserve supply. It was supposed to be enough to 50 km, they told me when I bought my Honda.
Three km before the gas station, the tank was dry. I couldn’t walk those three km, because it’s forbidden by law to walk on the highway. So, as there has been an accident nearby, this was a busy night for guys working at the assistance service of Brisa. I thank them for the help. Just think that it’s a little bit expensive: 30,30 euros, for six litres of gasoline (price of a litre at a gas station: around one euro…), including the service and the miles they had to drive to meet me. Mr. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brisa, what about reviewing your company's price policy?
I’m very close from home. I’ll drive slowly, carefully and praying that my bad luck has finished. It took me more than 24 hours to come from Algarve to Lisbon. I travelled the same distance, last week, within less than three hours. I’ll post something as soon as I arrive.

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