Friday, 25 May 2007

Still 40 km from home, my bad luck continues

I started to write this post at 05:00 am, May 25 2007. I have a good story to tell to my grandsons: How it took me almost 40 hours (instead of the usual 3 hours…) to travel from Lagos to Lisbon. I left Grandola, where I wrote my previous post, around 03.30 am. After a few kilometres, I found fog so thick it seems I had crashed against a wall of milk. I had to drive at 40/50 km ph (sometimes slower than that) and every 30 seconds had to clean my helmet’s windshield with my glove, because of humidity. I only managed to drive looking at the white strip on my right and visibility wasn’t more than 30/50 meters. Took a long time to make the 40 km between Grandola and Alcácer do Sal, where I am, now.
I give up. I’ll stay here, work a little bit, sleep a little bit, and will leave to Lisbon when the sun rises. I already prepared my “bed”, an old technique I learned many years ago (see picture bellow).
I’m typing and I have ZZ Top (“Bad to the Bone”) on my headphones. The coffee-shop is empty. I look outside, through the windows, and everything is painted in white. So much bad luck means that I did something very serious and He decided to punish me. I looked back at all my life and I can’t find nothing so serious that justifies 40 hours from Lagos to Lisbon.
Maybe He his busy with other more important things. May be it’s another guy who grabbed the opportunity and is doing this to me. The same guy that “was there, in the desert, when Jesus had his doubts”.
Anyway, nothing is all bad, something good may be found in every situation. Here, it’s quiet and warm. Forget to say that when I left to Algarve, last week, it was summer time. Weather changed suddenly and now it’s winter. I brought a special coat for bikers, but a medium one, for a not so cold weather. So, when I arrived here I was frozen from head to toes. I’m a little bit tired, but not enough to sleep, yet. So I’ll keep writing and posting until I fall asleep or I can see the sun, outside, instead of this white wall.
I’m pleased with my work at Praia da Luz. What I like more is this photo I took, during one of the daily walks of McCann’s family. I called it “Walking Alone”. I think it’s a nice photo. Up to you to judge.

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Tj said...

thank you, Paulo! Hope all is well :)