Thursday, 28 June 2007

"24 Horas": Murat was at Madeleine's room after she disappeared

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Portuguese daily "24 Horas" front page, from today, June 28:

Tit. 1 - “Main suspect said he didn't left home”
Tit. 2 - “Witness saw Murat at Madeleine's room in the night she was kidnapped”
Tit. 3 - " “PJ says that 'contradiction' in the alibi of the British is at “the centre of the investigation”


pd said...

paulo,excellent news! does the article give the name of the witness? or the time murat was spotted?

wouldnt all those in the apartment have seen murat? weren't there up to 20 in the place searching? - its a small apartment, so the case is watertight, surely.

there must be more than one witness who saw him in the apartment - it can't have been empty with only him in it. that blows his alibi away. result.

the piece seems to say he was seen after madeleine disappeared, not before ... so even the family would have seen murat in their apartment.

And there would be DNA there, wouldn't there?

if murat lied, which he obviously did, then the cops have him!

this should be wrapped up by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great report!
I do hope its true because in that case there is a good chance to solve this.

Peter / Sweden

Anonymous said...

Any comment regarding the reason this "witness" waited 8 weeks to come forwrd with this information?

Thank you.

Tom said...

Hi Paulo!

There was also an interesting post on the sky news blog today. Someone found an article from the independent newspaper dated 18 May 2007. Maria Rocco from the Autorent 3 dealership describes the strange behaviour of Mr.Murat. He (Murat) said: 'I need a car for myself because the English people who are looking for the little girl need to borrow my car' Mrs Rocco recalled. "You could tell from his voice that he needed it in a hurry. I was puzzled. Why would he need to lend his car to somebody else [in the search]?"
I never heard such a statement before, so either Mr. Murat wanted to make himself a little bit important or he has really something to do with the abduction. In my opinion of course!

P.S. Paulo! Keep on your very good work!!!

Regards Tom

Paulo Reis said...

A general answer to all questions:

The newspaper doesn't give any clue about the witness, nor even if it's a man or a woman. Most people searching for Madeleine, that night (and going inside the apartement, destroyng all forensic evidence) were guest at Ocean Club. They didn't know who Murat was. The newspaper doesn't refer when the witness gave her statemente to Police, so we can't presume he/she waited 8 weeks. Probably, the witness came forward as soon as Murat's face appeared in the newspapers as a suspect. And probably, Police kept it in secret - and only now the newspaper had a tip about that.
There was no "foreign" DNA found at Madeleine room. It was a false news from a Portuguese daily newspaper that the head of National Forensic laboratory denied. I should have translated that to Englsih, but, God! I'm human.. and sometimes, I need to sleep, to eat and rest, like other people... I haven't enough time and physycal resistence to "transfer" to English all information that is published in portuguese.. About Murat and the rented car, I also agree that it is odd...


Paulo Reis