Saturday, 30 June 2007

Alípio Ribeiro, head of Portuguese CID: Antonio Toscano's informations “don't deserve particular credibility” to Police

“One of the Police jobs is to analyse all the clues. Some are more credible than others and this one (from Antonio Toscano) doesn't deserve particular credibility” to Portuguese CID, said yesterday Mr. Alípio Ribeiro, national director of Portuguese CID, Polícia Judicária. Mr. Alípio Ribeiro answered questions from journalists about the claims of Mr. Antonio Toscano (who has been saying since June 8 that he knows the name of Madeleine kidnapper) after a public ceremony, in Lisbon, according to Portuguese News Agency, Agência Lusa.


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo
I fully appreciate how very busy you are so forgive me if I sound impatient.
On June 4th a blooger called pd asked you a set of very interesting questions which you promised to reply to in time.
So far I cannot find that you have yet answered . Maybe I am looking in the wrong places though!
I too would very much like to hear your opinion on these particular questions if you have time.
Thank you and keep up your good work!

Paulo Reis said...

Dear Caro,

You're right, I still couldn't find time to answer to PD!! But I will do that!! I have half of the answers ready, and when I finish it I'll put it in the Blog 2 (Madeleine McCann abduction and the Media)...


Paulo Reis

pd said...

paulo,just in case you think 'caro' is me wearing a false beard putting pressure on ... it isn't!!! but thanks for the interest,caro, nice to know i'm not the only person who is confused by all this and paulo may be able to help.

Natural question....